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Hi! I'm Genia, the artist and creator behind MADE. Clay brings me so much joy and I hope you get a sense of that while you're here.

NEXT UPDATE TBD (Early April-ish)

My upcoming drop will include items for the garden because I love plants.


Why choose MADE?

I am a functional ceramic artist working out of my home studio in Richmond, VA.  I’ve meandered in and out of the ceramics world over the last two decades only recently finding my creative voice and carving out a colorful niche in the ceramics world. My creations come from a desire to connect with others through color, pattern, and form. The colors and shapes I work with are inspired by big life moments, small encounters, and everything in between. This inspiration can look like colors derived from a beloved children’s book, forms molded in the likeness of an ancient Greek vessel or patterns reimagined from a vintage quilt. When people encounter my work, I want them to feel the playfulness that is thoughtfully included in each piece and leave with a lasting sense of joy.