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Blush Candle Holder

Blush Candle Holder

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These candlestick holders will give any table, shelf or mantel some personality.  Holders come in two sizes. *These are discounted because they have minor fractures on the scallops. See images below.*

In my family the fancy taper candles were meant for special occasions ONLY. I had the duty of lighting and placing them on the table. They usually ended up broken and drips everywhere (not sure it was the most appropriate task for an 8 yr old 🤷‍♀️) BUT to this day I feel fancy whenever I place them on my table. And now you can too 🥰

Measurement: Large 3.5-4 inches tall x 3-3.5 inches wide at the base. Opening measures approx. 1 inch wide x .75 inches deep.

Candle fit and security: Candles are secured using a fixative that can be found on amazon.  One is included with your purchase.  This will insure that any candle you use will fit the holder. 

Care: If for some reason wax drips on your holder. Simply let it dry the remove with a non abrasive object. Then rinse with warm soapy water. Allow to dry before replacing candle. 

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