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Blue Loop Mug

Blue Loop Mug

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The Blue Loop Mug is inspired by one of my first trips out of the house as quarantine was phasing down to a friend's pool.  The vacuum hose was floating in the pool and the whole moment struck me as beautiful.  Odd, I know. But after spending so much time away from the outside world these small moments have become much more important and sacred.  This playful mug is an interpretation of that moment and  reminds me to find joy in the small moments.

Hand thrown in my studio then inlaid with patterns to create a textured surface that will make your hands happy 😊  The blue handle is a matte surface, just FYI.

Measures approximately 3.5 inches by 5 inches (with handle). Holds approx. 10 ounces of liquid to the rim but more practically 8-9. Food & microwave safe. Hand wash preferred (this will lengthen the life of your mug). All mugs are similar but slight variations will occur. You may not receive this exact mug but it will be the same in style, color, size and finish as is humanly possible to do so. 


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